Mikvah Mei Ezra


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Since its inception in 1983, Chevrat Nashim is an organization entirely run by women, serving the South Shore of Massachusetts. We have a newly renovated and expanded facility.

We are the only fully certified ADA facility in the South Shore with an ADA compliant prep room, aquatic lift, community-wide Keli Mikvah and more.

Appointments: If you are not already subscribed to our monthly calendar for easier scheduling, please email chevratnashim@gmail.com to be added. Otherwise (781) 784-7444 to request an appointment and let the shomeret know if you will need a bath or shower. (Please note: due to Covid-19 all preparations should be done at home until further notice.)

We are located at 9 Dunbar Street, Sharon, MA (781) 784-7444. Donations can be mailed to Chevrat Nashim, PO Box 434, Sharon, MA 02067. Chevrat Nashim is a registered 501(c)3. We thank you for your continued support.