Mikvah Mei Ezra

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Want to get the mikvah calendar and other important information? Email chevratnashim@gmail.com to be added to our Google group!

Visiting the community? Call 781-784-7444 at least 3 days in advance to request an appointment. Your appointment is subject to being confirmed same day, by 5 p.m. on the day of immersion. If there are any difficulties making an appointment, email chevratnashim@gmail.com.

Please let the shomeret know if you need a shower or bath.

Fees 2017-2018

Please indicate your membership level online.

$25 Membership monthly immersion fee (Silver annual members)
$33 Non-member immersion fee
$50 Brides and special arrangements (please contact in advance)
$5 Keli mikvah per usage (daytime only)
$3 Bedika cloths

Please note that payment for immersion should be made prior to the appointment (via the online form below) or by check before leaving the mikvah. Thank you for your continued support of Mikvah Mei Ezra and Chevrat Nashim.