Mikvah Mei Ezra


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(donors  $1000+ or within the first structure of the campaign, partnering with our vision and bringing us one step closer to a new, safe and inclusive mikvah. We appreciate every donated amount as it shares in this special, once in a generation project. A list of all donors will be shared at the Chanukat Habayit)


Tami & Perry Antelman
Alesworth-Bateman Family
Josh & Suellen Beiser
Josh & Kayla Bellin
Mark & Naomi Chernin
Tzvi & Anne Diamond
Daniel & Sara Epstein
Rafi Finegold & Rebecca Raub Family
The Fezko Family
The Fistel Family
The Gebler Family
Gershon Gottleib & Leah Raub
Stewart & Thelma Hirsch
The Hoffman Family
Zach & Emunah Homa
The Huff Family
Ari & Penina Kafka
Shlomo & Sharon Lerner
Joshua & Dora Levin
Heshey & Ellen Marcus
Rabbi Nisson Dov & Tamar Miller
Elliot & Shira Picard
Rabbi Noah & Sarah Cheses
Otto & Emily Rapalino
The Reiman Family
The Rudenstein Family
The Saltzman Family
Ian & Sharyn Schechter
Judd & Jordana Schreiber Family
Ari & Ruth Schwartz
Sammy & Reyna Simnegar
Marcia & David Shimshak
The Shick Family
Chaim & Evelyn Stramer
The Truxton Family
Josh & Tamar Vogel
Timothy & Megan Walls
Aaron & Sharon Weinberg
The Wiesenfeld Family


 Manny & Deana Binstock
The Bluestone Family
The Lowenstein/Potok Family
The Radonsky Family
Gilbert & Jill Schiffer
Roy & Lisa Schreiber
The Weinstock Family
Avi & Robin Prince
The Cable Family in Honor of the Millers


The Hauser Family


David & Batya Greene
Lynn & Sheldon Hanau
Mitch & Miriam Klausner
The Maimon Family
Marquis Health Services
The Adler Family

Gold Patron Legacy

Yitzi & Gabrielle Zisblatt
Larry & Susan Cable

Room & Item Dedications

Mikvah USA – Name of Building
Mikvah USA – Borot
Roger & Marcia Spellman – ADA Lift
Yoni & Rena Levy, Chaim & Sarah Levy – ADA Entrance
David & Shari Katz – ADA Entrance
Shooman & Tischler Families – Mikvah Chandelier
Marvin & Ronna Finer-Berman Family – Stairs to Mikvah
Jonathan & Kira Goldberg – Stairs to Mikvah
Cyna & David Reisman – Stairs to Mikvah
Sachs-Kosowsky Family – Stairs to Mikvah
The Cable Family – Mezuzot & Immersion Blessing
Ron Cohen & Family – Mezuzah
The Goldman Family – Mezuzah
Philip & Lillian Keehn – Entrance Hallway
The Lipsky Foundation – Pathway to Mikvah
The Hartman Family – Bridal Furnishing
Avi & Robin Prince – PreImmersion Blessing
Moshe & Stephanie Kaplan – Lobby Room Furnishing